Residential care provides safety for children whose parents are victims to sex trafficking.

May 19, 2023

When Jaya was four, her family abandoned her at a railway station. A woman found her and took her home. When Jaya was eight years old, the woman began selling Jaya for sex. Jaya was fully owned by the woman, never seeing a penny of what her exploitation earned, and with no way out. Jaya’s daily routine should have been filled with school, friends, and play, but instead, her days were filled with devastating pain and trauma. And then, at a very young age, Jaya became pregnant. 

As Jaya's daughter became older, she knew it was only a matter of time before she, too, would be trafficked—a fate Jaya could not bear to see. She contacted an Atlas Free local partner and enrolled her child in a residential home for girls. Today, her daughter is in school, learning to play guitar, and is very happy. Recently Jaya went to visit her daughter at the safe home, and this is what she experienced. 

“Recently, I visited my daughter. The Atlas Free local partner invited me for a meal at their house during the visit. The gesture so moved me; they sat me down at the table, and I was a guest in their house being served food, and I was moved to tears.” - Survivor. 

Our local partner will continue to care for Jaya’s daughter and work devotedly to give Jaya an opportunity to leave a life of exploitation behind and join her daughter in safety, love, and care. She can then create a brighter future for herself and her daughter. 

When you create a rhythm of giving every month, you create new rhythms for children and their parents—from suffering in exploitation to refuge in a safe home where they can work towards a brighter future. Your monthly gift becomes the catalyst for change in their life. 

As little as $27 a month can help provide a bed in a safe home for a child vulnerable to sex trafficking and exploitation. Join Team Freedom at $27 a month and invest in a strategic network of organizations working to stop traffickers and care for survivors.

Remove Trafficking From a Child’s Daily Routine

Your donation will go to Atlas Free's general fund. From those gifts, we resource our network partners, including safe homes, around the world. Referenced dollar amounts represent the lowest average expense to house a child in a safe home at this time.

*Name has been changed for the protection of the survivor.