Atlas Free Awards

Every year, Atlas Free celebrates heroic leaders in the fight against human trafficking. Named after historical abolitionists, these awards celebrate the pioneers, innovators, and leaders ushering in freedom across the world.

Equiano Award

Olaudah Equiano was an 18th-century survivor of the transatlantic slave trade and leader of the British anti-slavery movement. His contemporaneous account of how traffickers operated contributed to the end of the British slave trade. Atlas Free presents the Equiano Award to a human trafficking survivor working to end modern slavery.

2023 Equiano Award Recipient
Bella Hounakey
US Advisory Council on Trafficking in Persons
2022 Equiano Award Recipient
Claudia Quintero
2021 Equiano Award Recipient

Christina Rangel

William Wilberforce Award

William Wilberforce was a British politician who led the charge to abolish the slave trade throughout the British Empire in 1807. Atlas Free presents the Wilberforce Award to a political leader or activist dedicated to combating modern slavery.

2023 Wilberforce Award Recipient
Stacie Harris
Assistant United States Attorney
2022 William Wilberforce Award

Dr. Sandra Morgan
2021 William Wilberforce Award

John Richmond

Wedgwood Award

Josiah Wedgwood was an English potter, businessman, and abolitionist who was instrumental in the British Anti-Slavery Movement. He was one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the 18th century, and his company is still around today. He created an anti-slavery medallion that said, “Am I Not a Man And a Brother?” that leaders used to raise awareness for the cause. Altas Free presents the Wedgwood Award to leaders using businesses in the fight for freedom.

2023 Wedgwood Award Recipient
Nancy Richardson
Founding Board Member of Atlas Free, Cofounder of Blue Ocean Enterprises and Founder of Otter Cares Foundation
2022 Wedgwood Award
Jono Lind
2021 Wedgwood Award
Chad and Carly Brannon
2020 Wedgwood Award
Duane and Rebecca Hixon