Churches change lives.

Your church can help lead the anti-trafficking movement.

How can my church partner with Atlas Free?

Dedicate a service

We'd love to come to your place. Invite our team to speak at one of your in-person or online church services.


Invite your community to give a special offering or gift to help end exploitation and set people free.


Start a fundraiser at your church to raise awareness and funds for freedom.

Churches across the country are making a lasting impact in the fight against sex trafficking and exploitation.

Hope Tri-Cities

Used a Sunday offering to fundraise for freedom.

newlife Church

Spent the month of February raising funds as a church.

Reach Church

Fully funded one of Atlas Free's 57 safe homes.

Heard about Freedom February and want to get involved?

Get educated about human trafficking.

Educate your community and become a freedom ambassador. Head to the church resource center to grab materials to share with online and offline communities and inspire people to take action.

If you have questions or would like to connect with someone from the Atlas Free team, please contact us.