Giving monthly has power.
Get the subscription fighting injustice and changing lives every day.

Team Freedom is a big deal around here. They are our group of monthly supporters and one of the most sustainable ways to fight human trafficking. Each month, this group of committed givers restores hope, independence, and safety to thousands of people every day. Give monthly, fight injustice daily.

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We're a nonprofit, but we think more like investors.

We give you one place to take on the entire issue and make a real impact: diminish demand, protect the vulnerable, empower survivors, and stop trafficking before it has the chance to start. Since 2012, we have been building a global movement to put sexual exploitation out of business and free people everywhere.

Generosity works.

We work with over 40 local partners across more than 25 countries to fight sex trafficking daily.

Since 2012, 635,169 people have been impacted through aftercare, prevention, outreach, awareness, and intervention programs.

Over 250 unique programs holistically combating trafficking and scaling the global movement.