Help free an average of 5 people a day.

Team Freedom is a big deal around here. They are our group of monthly supporters and one of the most effective ways to fight human trafficking. Each month, this group of committed givers restores hope, independence, and safety to thousands of people every day. Give monthly, fight injustice daily.

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We know what it takes to end it.

Many great organizations are tackling the issue, but there's only one global movement that has sex trafficking cornered. For over 12 years, Atlas Free has led the world's top organizations into collective impact, uniting local organizations, leaders, and generous people like you to put sexual exploitation out of business. With your help, our strategy is working.

There’s no time to waste when it comes to freedom. Here’s what your gift can do.

$50 can provide a bed for a survivor to rest in peace and safety.

$150 can provide life-changing education for survivors to help them create bright futures for themselves.

$500 can fund a full year of essential therapy for children who have survived trafficking, offering them the hope and healing they need to thrive.

*Your donation will go to Atlas Free's general fund. From those gifts, we resource our network partners, including safe homes, around the world. Referenced dollar amounts represent the lowest average expense to house a child in a safe home at this time.

We know it's important to you that your donation is stewarded for maximum impact—it's important to us, too.

That's why we work tirelessly to receive the highest endorsements and accreditations available for accountability and transparency.

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EIN/Tax ID: 16-1773392   |   Mailing Address: PO Box 77 Kirkland, WA 98083
Atlas Free is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

What Leaders Are Saying About Atlas Free

"We wanted to do something to fight trafficking and exploitation. When we give to Atlas Free, we know we can truly make a difference in this fight. We love being a part of this team, this community, and this mission. We hope you'll join us!"

Donald and Betsy Miller

"Our family loves being a part of these stories of freedom! We've traveled the world and seen the faces of those now living in freedom, and they have forever impacted our lives."

Curt and Nancy Richardson

"Giving to Atlas Free in the fight against exploitation is one of the most important missions I've ever been a part of."

Lieutenant General Mick Kicklighter

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