Atlas Free is a nonprofit organization here to put sexual exploitation out of business—period.

And with your help, we will.

About Us

the mission:

Accelerate and resource the fight
against sex trafficking and exploitation.

As a nonprofit, we are building a global movement uniting funders, adventurers, and everyday people with the best local organizations in the world. We specialize in finding and accelerating the most effective frontline initiatives and creating resources and tools to scale the fight against human trafficking.
It's working.

We work with over 40 local partners across 25 countries to fight sex trafficking daily.

1,040,125 people have been impacted through aftercare, prevention, outreach, awareness, and intervention programs since we started in 2012. 

Over 220 unique programs holistically combating trafficking and scaling the global movement.

forging a better
tomorrow since 2012.

On Tuesday, July 26th, Rescue:Freedom became Atlas Free. Things look different around here, but our mission is the same. Learn more here.

For over a decade, we've been chasing an ambitious goal: to create a global movement to stop sexual exploitation everywhere. Like an atlas, we build pathways that unite people and partners around the globe. We're optimists for a good reason. While trafficking is a massive issue, we know what it takes to solve it, and every day, we see our strategy working thanks to a generous community of supporters and a leading team of local experts. We're in this for humanity and the belief in the worth and dignity of all people.

Powerful principles guide powerful work.
Our faith in Jesus motivates us to act on behalf of people who are exploited. We believe we are called to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly.

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Trust is everything to us and we steward your resources like investors. We want you to know exactly how and where your donation is being used.

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Leading the Team

Facing a problem as big as sex trafficking requires an incredible team. We're grateful to have some of the most innovative, experienced, and committed anti-trafficking experts leading our organization.

Jeremy Vallerand

Jeremy and his wife, Maren, live outside Seattle, Washington, and have three kids. For Jeremy, it’s never been the injustice that drives him but the magnitude of hope. His faith in Jesus, and belief that all humans are created equal in dignity and value, guides his leadership and strategy. Every day, he leverages his corporate background to approach nonprofits more like a business, seeking to invest in what’s working and build what’s missing for every man, woman, and child still living in exploitation. Jeremy has been featured in Forbes as a leading social entrepreneur and has a diverse background working with corporations, government leaders, and global NGOs.

Read his story here.
Jeremy Vallerand - CEO and President
Chief Executive Officer & President
Callie Tybur
Chief Operating Officer
John Richmond
Chief Impact Officer
Hannah Bryeans
Vice President of Finance & Operations

We couldn't do our work without our team of Local Partner Directors we work alongside. Meet some of them here:

Board of Directors

Betsy Miller
Board Chair
Derek Green
Rebecca Hixon
Amy Brown
Peter McGowan
Jeremy Vallerand
CEO & President of Atlas Free

It is not the injustice that drives us; it is the magnitude of hope.®