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Every day, millions of people are bought and sold for sex. In fact, more people are being commodified than at any other point in history. Since 2012, we've been on a mission to change that by building a global movement to put sexual exploitation out of business. With the help of generous supporters like you, we're getting closer every day.

Where We Work

We unite funders, adventurers, and every day people with over 40 local organizations across more than 25 countries. Together, we find and accelerate the most effective frontline initiatives and create resources and tools to scale the fight against human trafficking. It's working.

Our work covers the entire issue, and every day we invest in what's working and build what's missing across these critical areas of strategy:
Making everyday people aware of the reality of sex trafficking, turning apathy into passion, activists into abolitionists.
Making sex trafficking illegal. We need legislation in every nation that condemns the trafficking and exploitation of human life.
Enforcing laws that already exist. Protecting victims, prosecuting perpetrators, addressing corruption, and ensuring justice.
CulturePreventionEducationDemandOutreachRescue &

Our Impact:

We work with over 40 local partners spanning more than 25 countries to fight sex trafficking daily.

1,040,125 people have been impacted through aftercare, prevention, outreach, awareness, and intervention programs since 2012.

Over 220 unique programs holistically combating trafficking and scaling the global movement.

57 safe homes operating worldwide provide holistic care to help victims become survivors.

Last year, 2,114 people were set free from sex trafficking.

Last year, 32,299 people were impacted through online and in-person outreach.

Last year, 2,664 people were empowered with job training. 711 people have been employed as a direct result.

Last year, 5,926 people were empowered with a life-changing education. Education is one of the most powerful ways to prevent trafficking.

Last year, 18,115 attempts to purchase sex were disrupted.

Sustainable work is locally-led.

The difference between independence and exploitation looks different in every city, and so does how we tackle the issue. We work with local organizations that understand the vulnerabilities of sex trafficking in their communities best and combat the problem at its source. We partner with leading experts worldwide who can demonstrate programmatic effectiveness, scalability, financial accountability, and an expert-level understanding of sex trafficking and exploitation. These men and women prevent exploitation daily, develop strategic intervention strategies, diminish demand, and guide survivors on a path toward restoration across 26 countries.

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How does Atlas Free fight sexual exploitation and trafficking?

We intervene, prevent, advocate, and disrupt sex trafficking and exploitation. Since freedom and exploitation look different in every region, so does our strategy. Our global network understands the vulnerabilities of sex trafficking and exploitation, which makes the network effective at comprehensively combatting the issue.

What makes your work or approach unique?

We value proven solutions in the local context. See how we work here.

What makes your work holistic?

In collaboration with a global network, we have built a holistic framework that addresses essential issues in four key areas to resource the fight against sex trafficking and exploitation. See how we work here.

Do you only work with local partners?

No, that's part of what makes our work scalable and unique. We also initiate new projects when we can’t find a sustainable solution in a given country or region. We invest in what's working and build what's missing. See more here.

Why do you work with local partners?

We believe in local expression and a contextual approach to tackling unique problems in a given country or region. Those who are cultural experts and instigators of change are our best chance at ending sexual exploitation. Learn more here.

How do you choose how and where to fight sex trafficking?

We vigilantly watch global trends, study cultures, pay attention to governments and legislators, learn from successful programming, and invest in what is already working. See more here.

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Stories from the Front Lines

The heart of our work is centered around women and children living in exploitation and vulnerability. These are their stories.

We invest in what's working, and build what's missing.

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