'Back to School' Means Something Different to Us

September 7, 2022

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In India, a 12-year-old girl named Mira* is free from exploitation, receiving an education and breaking the cycle of trafficking in her family.

Mira is a 12-year-old girl who started attending education classes through one of our local partners in India. We first met Mira when she was eight years old in 2019—her mother is a victim of human trafficking.

Sex trafficking disproportionately affects the vulnerable, and because of this, vulnerable families often have a generational cycle of trafficking.

After a few years, Mira's mother became ill, and a group of traffickers in the red-light district quoted a price for the daughter to her mother. That's when her mother knew she needed to get her daughter out. Mira was only nine years old when the offer was made to her mother. One of our local partners' outreach staff members found out about this offer, met with her mother, and counseled her about her daughter's future on several occasions. 

Her mother was also concerned about her daughter's future as she was ill. Mira's mother eventually agreed to send her to our local partner's residential aftercare care program. Mira didn't have documentation for us to be able to enroll her in school. Still, with a significant and strategic effort from our local partners in Nagpur, we got her documents made, and she is now enrolled in school! 

Atlas Free operates 66 safe homes around the world, and in our local partner's care, survivors like Mira receive:  

—Medical Support

—Vocational Skills


—Life Skills

—Trauma-informed counseling

—Individual and group therapy

—A place for safety, community, and belonging

When you invest in Atlas Free, you invest in a holistic approach that covers the whole issue of sex trafficking. Through our work, the cycles of trafficking is stopped, and families can live empowered lives of freedom. Join one of the most sustainable teams in the world, Team Freedom, giving monthly to stop trafficking daily.

When you give monthly you: 

—Help free an average of 27 people each week.

—Help provide jobs to an average of 34 survivors each week.

—Help disrupt an average of 793 attempts to purchase sex each month.

To learn more, visit atlasfree.org/donate-monthly

*Name changed to protect the survivor in our care.