A world without exploitation is possible.

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal enterprise on the planet—but we can end it together.

Give today and be a part of the solution to sex trafficking and exploitation, because we all deserve freedom.

If you're looking for a smarter solution to the problem of sex trafficking and exploitation, you just found it.
Right now, millions of people are living without freedom, tricked or sold into sex trafficking, with no foreseeable way out. We have the power to change that story. Human trafficking is a man-made problem and it will be ended by a man-made solution. Be a part of the solution.

Give now and change the way this story ends.

Sustainable work is locally led.

Like an atlas, we build pathways that unite people and partners around the globe. For over a decade, we've chartered the course that connects people like you to mass impact: protecting the vulnerable, empowering survivors, and stopping trafficking before it has the chance to start.
It's working.

We work with over 40 local partners spanning more than 25 countries to fight sex trafficking daily.

635,169 people have been impacted through aftercare, prevention, outreach, awareness, and intervention programs since we started in 2012.  

Over 250 unique programs holistically combating trafficking and scaling the global movement.

Join Team Freedom

Team Freedom is a big deal around here. They are our group of monthly supporters and one of the most sustainable ways to fight human trafficking. Each month, this group of committed givers restores hope, independence, and safety to thousands of victims, survivors, and at-risk people every day. Give monthly, fight injustice daily. 

Stories to Write Home About

The heart of our work is centered around men, women, and children living in exploitation and vulnerability every day. We’re here for every person who currently is or has yet to be impacted.

Human trafficking is a people-made problem that can be solved by people like you.

See yourself in the work.

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