Read Mira’s Rescue Story

June 1, 2023

“I grew up with two parents battling addiction. At age seventeen, I started using drugs and alcohol to cope with the trauma of having an unstable household. Throughout my period of drug use, I encountered relationships with abusive men, which lowered my self-esteem. I searched for something to fill this void in my heart, and I continued this risky behavior by going out with strangers.

Almost a year ago, I left my home in Arkansas with a man that I met online and ended up getting sex trafficked. A week later, we traveled to Alabama, where I found a chance to get away. I ended up walking 60 miles to regain my freedom. Later on, I was detained for public intoxication, and the police sergeant handling my case noticed the signs of human trafficking. He reached out to an Atlas Free local partner to coordinate an intake meeting with the Rescue team. During my time at the Atlas Free local partner safe house, I have rededicated my life back to God, and I have found hope and healing.

I have graduated from the program, gotten a great job, and I'm in the process of purchasing a car. I plan on furthering my education and moving into the Transitional Living apartments on campus. The Atlas Free local partner program has done so much to help me break strongholds and rebuild foundations in my life. I have found a new beginning and can see that there is still hope for a future that I deserve.” - Mira, Survivor.

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*Name has been changed for the protection of the survivor.