Investing in what's working,
and building what's missing.

Sustainable work is locally led, solution-focused, and agile by nature.

We know that great work requires great people, so we work with local experts who understand the vulnerabilities in their communities and cultures best. Where we don't see a program in place, we build what's needed and share the knowledge with others to elevate the whole movement.

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How it works

Like planning for a trip, we survey the landscape before we move forward. We study the context of sex trafficking in each part of the world, vetting and assessing programs, identifying people to partner with, and seeing gaps that need to be filled or policies that need to be created.

We work alongside over 40 local organizations around the world, providing funding, training, and coaching, equipping them for sustainability and championing them in their growth.

We equip and empower the best people and programs to effect real change.

We generously share tools, research, and strategies to elevate the movement as a whole. We host leadership seminars, share educational resources, and invest capital and marketing materials.

We invent solutions, establish best practices, and bridge the gap between experts. This looks like research studies, creating and enforcing policies, training, and connecting partners to one another.

We believe in repeating proven models and scaling for success.

We rigorously assess our solutions to ensure they are the most relevant and innovative. This looks like establishing key performance indicators that tell us when a program is working or not, testing new technologies, and learning from others in the space.

Because ultimately...
Everything we do is designed so that sex trafficking doesn't stand a chance—our strategy leaves no stone unturned and rigorously moves forward with agility and humility. Each step in our approach works in harmony, one local lever informing the other and integrating to build global momentum. Like an atlas, we connect each pinpoint, charting a course to freedom and justice for all humankind.

The future of the fight

In July 2022, we updated our organization to position our work for more impact than ever before. This change was largely because the nature of our work was outgrowing our original name and logo.

Learn more about where we're headed together at Atlas Free