Your guide to keeping kids safe on #WorldTeachersDay

October 4, 2022

Download this free educator's guide on keeping students safe from sex trafficking and exploitation to share in your classroom or with fellow educators today on World Teacher's Day. 

Whether you are a teacher, administrator, coach, or know someone who works closely with children, you have a unique opportunity to help protect kids today and every day. 

The reality is that some of the students walking the halls of our schools are secretly being abused at home or by someone close to them. The signs aren't always obvious, but knowing what to look for is a significant first step.

Join us in educating the public today about the risks of human trafficking in the classroom and what to do if you encounter the signs with this free educator's resource designed by the Atlas Free Program team.

As a teacher, class instructor, or someone who knows someone in the educational system, it's critical children understand the risks of human trafficking and what to do if they encounter it.

The more we work together to spread awareness, the more likely we will prevent these tragedies from occurring in our local communities.

Human trafficking is a criminal activity that continues to increase rapidly worldwide. If you work with children in your community regularly, you have a unique opportunity to fight against human trafficking today and every day.