The Three Longest Minutes of Her Life

May 7, 2024

When her third buyer of the day left the damp motel room, Jess* ran to the toilet and threw up. “Why do I keep getting sick?” she asked herself. Filled with dread, she quickly left the room to the pharmacy down the street to find out what she knew would be life-altering.

A faint line appeared on the test after the three longest minutes of her life.


Months passed, and even while pregnant, her trafficker still forced her into sexual exploitation.

Day after day, her baby grew inside of her, and day after day, she knew she needed to find a way out.

Slowly, she started to craft a plan to escape. Then one rainy day, the opportunity came—and she ran as fast as she could.

Jess made it to a hotel with nothing. Not even a jacket in the pouring rain. The police called an Atlas Free Network Member and they met her there, providing her with the support she needed.

The next day, she was back to her home state in a shelter near her family where she could raise her child far away from the threat and danger of her trafficker.

These life-changing stories wouldn't be possible without your help. But too many women and girls are trapped in sex trafficking right now.

This community's generosity is helping women like Jess find immediate safety and security. Thank you for bringing freedom and restoration to people trapped in sex trafficking.

*Story inspired by a courageous survivor in the Atlas Free Network.