Look what a million can do

November 3, 2023

Every moment matters when it comes to freedom. That's why your gift is already on the front lines.

You are making it possible to do what our strategic framework does best: resource and accelerate the fight across 26 countries and counting, operating over 200 unique programs that are actively working on setting children free from trafficking, reuniting families, empowering survivors, and support the vulnerable when they need it most.

In Uganda, your gift empowers us to expand where others can't, bridging cultural gaps in an area where girls are sold for less than the price of a goat. Through our network's continuous resource-sharing and collective learning, we've significantly increased crucial support, thanks to you.

In the Karamoja region of Africa, human trafficking is a particularly pressing issue. The Karamojong people, a nomadic tribe in eastern Uganda, face significant challenges due to their historical warrior culture and physical and cultural differences from other Ugandan communities. These differences have led to a significant racial divide between the Karamojong and native Ugandans. Until recently, much of the Karamoja region lacked basic infrastructure, including roads, access to public utilities, and poor access to education. This stark combination of vulnerability made this area an enticing target for regional traffickers. Not for long.

Your gift makes it possible to bring on Karamoja's first-ever anti-sex trafficking home to help victims and survivors in the area recover, heal, and reintegrate into their village safely. We’re working on an expansion project that will make even more restoration possible and enable them to go from housing roughly 20 survivors at a time to many more, giving women who need access to life-changing aftercare treatment a place to heal in safety.

Many great organizations are tackling the issue, but there's only one global movement that has sex trafficking cornered.

For over 12 years, Atlas Free has led one of the world's largest coalitions of anti-trafficking organizations, and part of what we do best is to strategically choose partners who can create the most freedom possible for women and children in every part of the globe. We have the expertise to distinguish between a good investment and a brilliant one that maximizes impact. Our mission is laser-focused on where to go next; that's why when your donation reaches our organization, we've already pinpointed where it will make the most significant difference.