Education is creating brighter futures for girls like Amev.

March 17, 2023

Amev experienced sexual exploitation from a young age. When she was a girl, her family sold her to make money. Starting in childhood, she experienced ongoing physical violence, psychological abuse and death threats. Her life never had a chance to be simple or carefree. When she came into our care, she was a young mother, scarred and jaded by life’s mistreatments. Rightfully so, she was defensive and suspicious and would not let anyone near her 3-year-old son. The team later learned that she had received care in institutions that were secretly working with traffickers, and she struggled to trust authorities. 

Over time, Amev began to build trust in the consistency of the team and began telling her story. She slowly started to find her confidence and strength after everything she had been through—she had never dared share her experience or report her abuse in the past, for fear of betrayal. 

Today, Amev is an entirely new woman. She is joyful, trusting, and creating deep relationships with those around her. Most recently, she has been taking classes to sharpen her reading skills and overall further her education. She hopes to become a chef and build a resume so that she can start a successful career. She finished high school in February—her main goal for the year! 

Going to school has made it possible for Amev to get a good job and separate herself from a life vulnerability to human trafficking. She can now look forward to supporting herself, living in safety and freedom, and building a future she never knew was possible.

Atlas Free has 26 schools around the world giving children a safe place to learn, grow and thrive. In 2022 alone, 11,102 people received life-changing education, allowing them to build a future for themselves without exploitation.

Be a part of providing education to girls like Amev today.

*Name changed to protect the survivor in our care.