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We are forging a future free from trafficking.

N2GIVES is a significant partner to Atlas Free in the fight against sex trafficking and exploitation. By donating 2% of all sales to organizations in this global movement, we believe the N2GIVES community are modern-day abolitionists. This investment in freedom empowers Atlas Free to prevent trafficking, diminish demand, free victims, and guide survivors on a path towards restoration in over 29 countries.

Globally, human trafficking is the fastest-growing illegal enterprise, generating $150 billion in profit—that's more than McDonald's, PepsiCo, and Disney combined. We are grateful to partner with N2GIVES because they understand that sex trafficking and exploitation is both local and global, and the most sustainable solutions are locally-led. The only way to defeat this people-made issue is by working together and equipping communities to make real change.We are inspired by the fact that every time an N2 publication hits a mailbox, lives are changed for the better.

A glimpse into our work

“N2 has been an incredible partner in the fight against slavery, helping us fight exploitation here in the United States and around the world.”

—Jeremy Vallerand, CEO and President of Atlas Free
About Atlas Free
Forging a future without trafficking since 2012.
As a nonprofit, we are building a global movement uniting funders, adventurers, and everyday people with the best local organizations in the world. We specialize in finding and accelerating the most effective frontline initiatives and creating resources and tools to scale the fight against human trafficking. The best news? It’s working. 

For over a decade, we've been chasing an ambitious goal—to create a global movement to stop sexual exploitation everywhere. Like an atlas, we build pathways that unite people and partners around the globe. We're optimists for a good reason. While trafficking is a massive issue, we know what it takes to solve it, and every day, we see our strategy working thanks to a generous community of supporters and a leading team of local experts. We're in this for humanity and the belief in the worth and dignity of all people.

We are building a global movement—not just a program—of over 40 local organizations across 26 countries. We're solution-agnostic, uniting funders, adventurers, and everyday people with the best local experts in the world. We specialize in accelerating frontline solutions and creating resources and tools to take the fight to new heights.

107,708 survivors, victims, and at-risk individuals were impacted through aftercare, prevention, outreach, and intervention programs.

1,613 individuals were empowered with vocational training, providing them with the tools to have financial security without exploitation.

2,137 individuals received an education.

1,028 people were separated from their trafficker—that’s 20 people every single week. 90 traffickers were arrested.

12,829 attempts to purchase sex have been disrupted. 30% of those were interacted with and provided support services.

2,137 people, of which 1,345 are children, have been empowered with life-changing education. For people who haven’t been trafficked, education is one of the most powerful ways to prevent it. It also empowers victims never to be exploited again.

17,285 victims and at-risk individuals were contacted from outreach. 8,731 of those received services as a result of outreach.

We currently have over 60 safe homes to help victims become survivors. This is where survivors receive holistic care, access to counseling, medical care, education, and vocational training.

When you share, you fuel this global movement to fight sex trafficking and free more lives worldwide. We believe there is power in education, and we want to equip The N2 Company and your clients with tools to talk about Atlas Free's work easily. That's why we created a media packet for you to use. Do you need to fill some ad space? Did you know that you can run a ½ page ad on a 501c3 at no cost to you? You can share the good news about what your publication supports, and we will make it easy for you. In this packet of digital resources, we have included several options of ads you can run that fit your specs.

Atlas Team membersAtlas Team members

Turn your next event into impact. We want to partner with you to use your next gathering to set people free from sex trafficking and exploitation. Shea Robinson used an event to raise funds and awareness. Joseph Monaghan invited eight neighborhoods in Virginia Beach for an evening of food, drinks, and fighting sex trafficking. Michael Pruitt turned his neighborhood holiday party into an opportunity to bring freedom to women and children around the world. Are you ready to turn your next event into impact?