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As little as $27 a month can help provide a bed in a safe home for a child vulnerable to sex trafficking.

Your donation will go to Atlas Free's general fund. From those gifts, we resource our network partners, including safe homes, around the world. Referenced dollar amounts represent the lowest average expense to house a child in a safe home at this time.


We believe the smallest of decisions can lead to the greatest changes, and you hold the power to make those changes right now.

Join our team of monthly givers and begin making a change in the lives of people impacted by the cycles of sex trafficking. You can help free them from dangerous situations and into safe homes where they can begin to heal—day after day, and then month after month, with trauma-informed care. When you join Team Freedom, you begin powering one of the largest safe home networks in existence today. Don’t wait for tomorrow to change itself. Make world change a routine today.

Freedom changes lives
one day at a time.

Why give monthly?

Fighting sex trafficking through our global network, you monthly gift has the power to change lives. Not only that—as a Team Freedom member, you receive:

  • Monthly impact reports and inside scoops on our work
  • Exclusive events with an incredible community
  • Special offers on merchandise and other opportunities
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Your monthly gift in action:

Help free an average of 12 people each week.
Help provide jobs to an average of 18 survivors each week.
Help disrupt an average of 447 attempts to purchase sex.

Team Freedom is a big deal around here.