Join the team giving monthly to stop trafficking daily.

Team Freedom is a group of monthly givers on a mission to put sexual exploitation out of business. This unstoppable group is made up of people like you from around the world who give what they can to prove how invincible we are when we come together.

Giving monthly has power. Get the subscription fighting injustice and changing lives every day.

There are a lot of subscriptions out there, but only one takes on the entire issue of sex trafficking and exploitation every single day. As a Team Freedom member, you'll receive:
  • Monthly impact reports
  • Invitations to special events to meet frontline staff
  • Survivor stories and cutting-edge updates
  • Special offers on merchandise
  • Unique opportunities from our team across the world

Your monthly gift in action:

Help free an average of 27 people each week.
Help provide jobs to an average of 34 survivors each week.
Help disrupt an average of 793 attempts to purchase sex.

Team Freedom is a big deal around here.